Akademos Seller Quality Rating Policy

How do I rate the quality of my books?

Correctly assessing and representing the quality of a book is extremely important. Akademos Buyers will be making purchase decisions based on quality ratings. After the sale, they will be rating their experience with each Seller based in part on the accuracy of the quality ratings.

You are responsible for accurately rating the condition of each book that you list with Akademos. To ensure a high Seller rating as well as Buyer satisfaction, you must rate the condition of listed books fairly and honestly, according to the book rating guidelines we provide. Akademos reserves the right to make its own evaluation of a book's quality as well as its own judgment regarding the accuracy of the Seller's rating of the book in the event that a Buyer makes a complaint. If Akademos determines that the Seller has misrepresented the book's quality according to the quality rating guidelines we provide, Akademos will refund the purchase to the Buyer, deduct the sale from the Sellers account, and return the book to the Seller at the Seller's expense. The following are guidelines to be used by Sellers to rate their books:

Book Quality

New or Like New

This book must be able to pass for a brand new book, whether it is or not. The cover binding is clean and shiny, with no creases, scratches or warping of any kind. There is no fading either due to use, aging, or the elements. The interior pages of the book, without exception, are clear of markings, creases, and other damage.

Very Good

This book may be able to pass for new at first glance. The cover binding is still clean and shiny, although there may be extremely minor wear on the cover. The pages are clean, whole, and clear of highlighting and underlining, but one or two pages might be slightly creased on the corner.


Although it may be fairly obvious from a glance that this book has been used, it has nevertheless been well cared for. The cover and binding are clean and unmarked. There may be some minor wear on the cover in the form a scratch or a bend at a corner, but otherwise this book is undamaged. The pages are whole and largely not creased, with extremely minimal highlighting; at most one or two highlighted lines per 15 pages of text. There is no underlining or writing at all.


This book has been well taken care of, but it has clearly been used frequently by its previous owner. The cover of this book may have scratches or minor bends at the corners, but it is in an overall decent condition. The pages are whole, minimally creased, and characterized by moderate highlighting; no more than five or ten highlighted lines per 5 pages of text. There is a minimal amount of underlining or writing.


This book is fully intact, and though it would not soon be mistaken for new, it is not missing any pages nor is its cover in any place detached. There may be scratches and minor surface damage such as pen marking, however this book must still be eminently readable. The pages are whole, though some may be slightly creased or torn, and may be characterized by heavy highlighting, with as much as ten to fifteen highlighted lines per 3 pages of text.


This book has been so heavily used and/or badly treated that we cannot authorize its sale on our Site. The cover and binding are either badly stained, moldy, or otherwise unclean. Books with severely damaged covers and spines are also not acceptable, nor are those with missing pages, multiple torn pages, or stained or illegible pages. If you misrepresent an unacceptable item as something other than what it is we reserve the right to withhold payment for said book should it sell.